Vi ansetter!

The Servebolters

Vil du vite hvorfor vi er så raske? Fordi vi har de beste folka.

Hans Kristian Rosbach

Head of Research and Development

Hans Kristian founded Servebolt in 2014 and leads the internal R&D projects. He is passionate about computer technology, security, privacy and performance optimization. He often challenges himself to learn new skills, in almost any category.

He makes major contributions to the Open Source Community, check out zlib-ng on Github.

André Tomt

Head of IT Operations

André makes sure Servebolt always runs smoothly. His passion for anything Linux ensures 24/7/365 operations for all our services.

We attracted André to the Servebolt Team by showing off our Infiniband networking and pure Linux setup. The difference from running old school IT operations in Coop and ICA Norge is obvious!

Enno Rehling

Head of Software Development

Enno is the senior software developer with strong international experience. He is a very structured and principled individual, and has the unique ability to make the right long term decisions for about just about anything that is brought to his attention.

He has background from the gaming industry at IMVU in Silicon Valley, and Funcom in Oslo.


Thomas Audunhus

Country Manager - Norway

Thomas leder satsningen i vårt hjemland, Norge, og er ekspert på WordPress og WooCommerce. Thomas har bygget noen av de raskeste WordPress og WooCommerce sidene i Norge, og vet derfor nøyaktig hvordan man skal få WordPress og WooCommerce så rask som mulig. (mer…)

Håkon Wang Schütt

Salg & kundeservice

Håkon jobber med salg og kundeservice i Norge, og bistår dermed våre kunder og partnere med alt fra små problemer til store flyttinger. Håkon har erfaring fra utvikling av nettsider og nettbutikker, og har vært med å lage noen av Norges raskeste WooCommerce nettbutikker.

Jonathan Sulo

Country Manager - Sweden

Jonathan leder vår satsning i Sverige, og har mange års erfaring med performance optimalisering av nettsider og nettbutikker. Jonathan har i tillegg vært sentral i det Svenske hosting-miljøet i mange år.

I tillegg til å lede vår satsning i Sverige er Jonathan sentral i det Svenske WordPress-miljøet. Han har vært co-organizer av WordCamp Stockholm 2017 og bidrar aktivt i Stockholm WordPress Meetup.

Erlend Eide


Erlend founded Servebolt in 2014 (back then named Raske Sider – meaning «Fast Pages»), and is currently growing Servebolt abroad from the offices in Hilversum, Netherlands. The passion for performance has been growing ever since the web started to get slower. Servebolt is part of the remedy.

Erlend is a serial-entrepreneur, loves start-ups and has founded a series of companies the last 20 years. The Internet has always been his domain.